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Validating Form Submissions for Non-Consumer Email Addresses

You can set your forms to not accept email addresses from consumer domains. This helps ensure that customers and prospects only use company emails.

List of domains

If set, the validation rule blocks emails with any of these endings:,,,,* (all country codes),,,,,,,* (all country codes),,* (all country codes),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,* (all country codes),,,,

Steps to enable

  1. Navigate to Content > Forms and create your form (or edit an existing form)
  2. Add a text box block to the form to accept an email address (or edit an existing text box)
  3. Select the Validation tab
  4. Click + to add a rule
  5. In the IF dropdown, select Non-Consumer Email
  6. Update the error message, if desired
  7. Click OK

You can test this setting by embedding the form in a landing page and entering an email address from one of the domains above.

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