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Act-On Software

Pre-filling a Form with Data


Act-On forms can be pre-filled in two ways: inserting the form as a link in a message, or publishing the Pre-filled Form URL. When inserting the Act-On form link into a message, you can select the Pre-fill option to allow Act-On to pre-populate the fields with the recipients' information from the list that the message was sent to. Please note that the fields will be pre-populated as long as the list contains the same fields and information.

The second way a form can be pre-filled is if a form visitor has been cookied previously by Act-On from a message or form in your instance. Hover over the form, click the green drop down arrow and click Get Public URLs. The Pre-filled Form URL can be posted anywhere (e.g., in a message, a landing page or your website). If the contact has been cookied previously by clicking through an Act-On message or submitting an Act-On form, Act-On can pre-populate the form fields with data as long as it is available.


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