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Form Validation Using the Domain Suppression List

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users
OBJECTIVES: Learn how to automatically reject form submissions based on entries in the Domain Suppression List

Users can now reject form submissions from domains listed in the Domains Suppression List. When used, any form submitter using an email address with a domain that matches the domains in the “Domain Suppression List” will not be added to the “Sign Up List” and the submitter can be redirected to any URL or Act-On Landing Page. This feature can be found on Step 2 “Settings” of form edit.

In order to use this feature in its present form, you must do the following:

  • Click on Content and click Forms
  • You can either click New Form or hover over an existing form you would like to enable for Suppressed Domains and click the down-arrow > Edit
  • Hover over the E-mail Address field and click Edit.
  • Under Display Settings add your Field Label
  • Under Data Field Name either click the Marshmallow button and select Email, or type in any field name you want. 
  • Click Submit
  • Next, navigate to step 2 “Settings” you will see a section called Suppressed Domains
  • Click the radio button for either Redirect to URL or Show This Landing Page
  • Enter a URL or a Select a Landing Page to redirect the submitter.
  • Click Next or step 3 "Finish"
  • You will see your newly created email Form Label and Form Field Name, under System Usage. Make sure the email field is mapped to Contact's E-mail Address
  • Click Save


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