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Choosing a Form Signup List


When creating a form, you have the option to add submitted data to a new list or an existing list. Step 3 of the form editor allows you to choose how and where your data will be submitted.

At the top of the Step 3 dialog window, you can designate whether the data should to be added to a new list or an existing list. The default setting is to Add Submitted Data to New List. 

To create a form that submits to a new listsimply use the default setting. The new list name will default to the name of your form.

To create a form that submits to an existing listclick on the Existing List radio button and select the list that you would like the data to be written to. If the list column names of the form do not match the column names of the selected list, you have the option to add the new columns (denoted by a yellow caution symbol) or click on the database icon to map the column names accordingly.

There are some instances where every entry to a list should be recorded using the Always Append option. This option will always append data to the list and never overwrite existing signup data. The default setting is unchecked, meaning that existing signups of a duplicate form submission will be overwritten and not added to.

Map Form Fields to List Columns

  • Form Label – the label the end user will see on the form. This is displayed for your reference.   
  • Form Field Name – the name of your form field that is used for mapping purposes. This is used to create the column name on the new signup list. Please note: When pushing form submissions to a CRM, it is important that the Form Field Names match the field names within your CRM. It is best to use standardized field names. 
  • Create List Column – by default, Act-On will create a new list column for each of your form fields. If you choose not to create a list column, you can uncheck the check box and Act-On will ignore the information from that field.
  • After your columns are created, they will appear in your list column namesYou will still have the opportunity to change the list column mapping by clicking on the Database icon and selecting the appropriate column name within your list.

Once you've finished matching your columns to an existing list or creating new columns to accommodate your new fields, click Save in the upper right corner to save your form.

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