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Creating a New List and Using the Always Append Feature

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

  • Learn how to create a new Form Submissions list for every new form
  • Define how you can always append form submissions into the list
  • Identify where the Form Submissions list is stored
When an Act-On form is created, a new Form Submissions list is always created by default. You can also choose if you want the Act-On form to keep duplicate submissions or update previous submissions.

Follow the steps below to ensure that the new form writes into a new Form Submissions list:

  • Click on Content, and click Forms.
  • Click New.
  • Create all the form fields and customize the form settings.
  • Click 3. Finish.
  • By default, New List will be selected in the Add Submitted Data To section.
  • Enter a New List Name.
  • Confirm the Form Label and Form Field Name.
  • In the Create List Column section, disable any fields that you do not want to capture in the Form Submissions list that will be created.
    • Typically, users will not disable any of the fields, so they can capture all fields and values chosen in the form
  • Map each of the fields to the standard contact System Usage fields.

Using Always Append

Once you've created the new Form Submissions list, you'll notice a checkbox called Always Append. By default, this feature is disabled. By keeping it disabled, the Act-On form will allow duplicate submissions based on the email address; however, Act-On will simply update the previous form submission with the new form submission. For example, if submitted the form twice, the form submission list will overwrite the first submission with the information from the second submission.

Enable the Always Append feature to allow duplicate submissions based on email addresses. For example, if submitted the form twice, the form submission list will contain two entries for and treat them as unique submissions.

Form Submission List

Once the form is created and saved, the newly-created form submission list will be located under Contacts > Other Lists > Form Submissions.  If you have folders created previously, the list will be located in the Default folder. You can hover over the list, click Move to move it to a different folder within the page.

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