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Lead Scoring Rules Overview

Act-On's Lead Scoring Rules feature is a powerful tool to define and measure your marketing funnel.

For a detailed setup guide, see Start a Lead Scoring System.

Profile Rules

Here, you can add lead score points based on fields from your lists. This works similarly to list segments.

When adding a profile condition, options include:

  • Contact Field
  • Condition (logic used to check the field)
  • Criteria (value that the rule looks for)


Behavior Rules

You can define certain actions that indicate that contacts are closer to buying, then assign point values based on how significant they are to your specific sales process.

Rule types include:

  • Was sent specific messages
  • Opened specific messages
  • Clicked on specific messages
  • Viewed specific forms
  • Submitted specific forms
  • Downloaded specific media files
  • Visited specific landing pages
  • Visited specific web pages
  • etc.


Multiple Score Sheets

Multiple Score Sheets will allow you to create up to 4 additional scoring sheets in addition to your default score sheet that can be used to expand your current scoring model. Multiple Score Sheets lets you customize your lead scoring rules for different teams, regions/geography, products/divisions, customers vs prospects, or any other segmentation of your marketing efforts.

Creating more score sheets is the same as creating your first – you simply need to build a separate segmentation and list maintenance process for each sheet.

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