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Creating Standard Field Names


The Standard Field Names page allows you to define a standard set of field names you typically use in your Act-On lists.

Using First Name as an example, the Field Name will be First Name and the System Usage Field will be Contacts First Name. Using the drop-down menu you are able assign the system usage field so anytime a prospect enters their first name, it will correctly populate the system usage field.

This set of field names can be quickly accessed when creating and editing lists, creating form fields, using email personalization and other areas in the application where field names can be selected.

Optimize field names for your CRM 

For customers who use CRMs that Act-On integrates with out-of-the-box like, click the button specific to your CRM next to Optimize For. This will match some or all custom and standard fields names of your CRM contact/lead record fields to Act-On's System Usage fields.

  1. Click Contacts > Standard Field Names.
  2. Next to Optimize For, click the button for your connected CRM.
  3. Act-On will match some or all standard/custom fields names to the System Usage fields.


  1. Click Contacts, and select Standard Field Names. A default set of standard field names will be provided for you, but these values can be renamed or removed if you choose.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Add to add other fields. As you add new fields, map them to an Act-On System Usage field if applicable. 
  3. Click the Save Changes button when you complete adding the fields.

When defining your standard field names, there are a few key fields that the Act-On system needs to know about for various reasons. For example, which field will contain your contact's email address or first name?

You can map your field names to these key values from the System Usage column on the page. Many of your fields will not have a system usage.

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