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Defining Email Fatigue Suppression Rules


Email Fatigue Suppression Rules allow you to define the number of marketing emails a recipient should receive over a specified time period.

Using simple to setup rules, you can define rules like “no more than 1 marketing email a day, AND no more than 3 emails per week AND no more than 5 emails per month".

  1. Click Contacts > Other Lists > Bounces & Opt-Outs
  2. Hover over Email Fatigue Suppression Rules and click Edit.

  3. Click Add and begin to define your rules. Once finished, click Save Rules.


Once the rule is setup the suppression will be engaged for marketing emails. Transactional, event emails (webinars), and autoresponders will not be subject to this suppression rule.

From the Address tab in the New Message Composer, click the checkbox for Override Email Fatigue Suppression Rules.

Exclude Automated Programs from Rules

If you would like to like to set an Automated Program to not be subject to Email Fatigue Suppression Rules, click Automation > Automated Programs. Either create a new program or edit an existing program (you will need to stop the program first). From the General Settings tab, click the checkbox for Allow contacts to receive messages in excess of Email Fatigue Rules.

If a contact is suppressed because of email fatigue suppression rules, they can be found in the “not sent / suppressed” log in the sent message report. They will be marked as being suppressed because of “Too Many Recent Messages”.

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