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Act-On Software

Suppressing Recipient Email Domains


Act-On allows you to block domains from receiving your email messages. You can specify domains to automatically be suppressed from all message sends on your account.

Typical use cases for this include:

  • Competitors
  • Subsidiaries or affiliated companies that should not receive your marketing messages
  • Personal email aliases (if your organization engages strictly with business-to-business email addresses only)

To opt-out, suppress, or blacklist domains to ensure they do not receive any emails from your Act-On account:

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Other Lists > Bounces & Opt-Outs 
  2. Select E-mail Suppression Domains
  3. Enter the domains that you would like to suppress from all future mailings
    • Make sure to hit Enter to add a new line between each entry
    • Enter domains like and without any other punctuation - see screenshot below
  4. Click Submit to save your changes


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