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Managing Your List Maintenance Programs


Once your list maintenance programs are created, you can create folders to organize how they are shown on the page.

Follow the steps below to create new folders on the page:

  1. Click on Automation, and click List Maintenance Programs.
  2. Click Folders.
  3. Click New Folder.
  4. Enter a folder name, and click OK.
  5. You can rename or remove the folder.
  6. Close the pop-up window.

Below are the features available when hovering over an existing List Maintenance Program:

  • Dashboard – This allows you to view further details of the steps within the List Maintenance Program. By clicking this link, you can edit and/or schedule when the List Maintenance Program will run.
  • Edit – This allows you to edit the steps of the List Maintenance Program.
  • Delete – This deletes the List Maintenance Program.
  • Move – This allows you to move the List Maintenance Program to a different folder within the page.
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