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Requesting a List Cleanse or Validation


Good email data and a positive brand reputation directly impact your deliverability rates and are critical to your overall marketing program success. Email hygiene (List Cleanse) and email verification (List Validation) are two different but equally important methods of ensuring that your email marketing lists are healthy and delivering optimum results.

To simplify, email hygiene (List Cleanse) involves cleansing a mailing list of “bad” email addresses that will affect deliverability, while email verification (List Validation) is the process of validating “good” email addresses as deliverable at the time of validation.

Act-On has partnered with an industry leader, Neverbounce, to provide you with the highest quality solutions to clean and validate your email marketing mailing lists. Neverbounce is an email quality expert delivering the most comprehensive email hygiene and validation solutions in the industry. Act-On’s customers receive proactive protection from traps, bounces. disposable domains, fraud, bots, and many other reputation-damaging emails before they negatively impact inbox delivery. Neverbounce can clean legacy, purchased, or organic B2B and B2C data.

Get started

  • Contact your Account Manager (AM) by email and let them know that you would like to have your list cleansed or validated. Remember these are two separate processes that have two separate costs. 
  • In your email to your AM, include your list of email addresses only in a CSV formatted file. You do not have to worry about submitting any other fields in this list but the email address.  
  • The cost for either service is for one list only, so include all email addresses you wish to check in this list.  If you have multiple lists or you wish to submit another list at a later time, an additional cost will apply. 
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