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Using Custom Touch Points for Lead Scoring


If you would like to provide a behavior score for marketing activities conducted outside Act-On, you can use the Custom Touch Points feature to upload the list.

For example, if you attended a trade show and obtained a list of contacts, you may want to score that behavior (i.e., attending a trade show) in Act-On. To do this, follow the steps below.

If the Custom Touch Points feature is not enabled on your account, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Create a Custom Event

  1. Click Contact Other Lists > Custom Touch Points.
  2. Click the New button to create a list.

  3. Click the Choose File button to upload your Excel/CSV list, and click Next.


Identify Necessary Fields

  1. Specify the Date Format that you would like Act-On to use for this custom event list. This format should correspond with the date format in your list.
  2. Specify the Action that is specific to this event. 
    • You can identify the action as Downloaded MediaRegistered for an event, Attended an event, General behavior, and General behavior 1 through 5
    • The General Behavior actions can be customized using the Behavior Names button under Contacts Other Lists > Custom Touch Points > Behavior Names

  3. Specify the field for the event date in the When field.
  4. Specify the Email field.
  5. Specify the Title field (Note: The Title field is NOT used for the contact's job title. It is for the event name).
  6. Specify the Notes field (Note: This field could be a 'description' field).
  7. Click Next.

  8. Click the  button.

Once the Custom Event Log list is uploaded, provide a point system or score for these Custom Touch Points under Contacts Scoring Rules. The Custom Touch Points actions are in orange italicized text.

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