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Creating a Master List


It is a best practice with Act-On to create a single Master List to house all your contacts. You can then create various segments and append records into one list rather than multiple lists.

This list will need to be manually updated to append new records. To set your Master List to sync from your CRM automatically, see this guide.


  1. Set up the Standard Field Names in your Act-On account
  2. Identify all the fields that you need to use, and develop a consistent list schema and list values across all your lists
  3. Create or identify a field in your Master list that will allow you to determine the original list where the records originated
    • Ensure that all records from the appended lists contain the same value for this field, so you can create segments based on their originating lists

Create Your Master List

  1. Click Contacts, and then click Marketing Lists.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a name for the new list, and select a folder.
  4. In the Set Up New List Contents drop-down, choose Define the column names for a new empty list.
  5. Select any of the Standard Field Names in your Act-On account.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Add other fields using these options:
    • Add Blank Field: Allows you to create your own custom field
    • Add Standard Fields: Allows you to choose other Standard Field Names in your Act-On account
  8. Click Create.
  9. Open the Marketing list folder where your new Master list is located.
  10. To the right of you new Master list, click the Green Down Arrow.
  11. Click Import/Export and then click Append to This List.
  12. Click Add to List Contents drop-down.
    • If the lists are not present in your Act-On account, choose Upload an Excel file or a text (CSV) file
    • If the lists are already present in your Act-On account, choose Add the contents of an existing list or segment
  13. Under the Add How? option, click Add all records to the end of the list.
  14. Click Next.
  15. Disable the checkbox if you do not want to import any fields.
  16. Click Finish.
  17. Continue with steps 10 through 16 to append other lists/segments into your new Master list.
  18. To the right of your new Master list, click the Green Down Arrow.
  19. Click Maintenance and then click Delete Duplicates, and select any duplicate records that you wish to remove from your list.

If you need to keep some lists active in addition to your new Master list, create a List Maintenance Program in your new Master list to copy records from the current list(s) to your new Master list.

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