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Defining Query Segments


List segmentation is a key activity when deciding who to send emails to, and what type of content to send. Query segments are the most dynamic and robust and this section provides more detail on available options.

When creating a segment based off of the query option, two attributes are available for searching for contacts: profile and behavioral. You must first choose whether you would like to require contacts to meet any or all of your search requirements.

  1. Choose to search for information that you already know about the contacts or prospects.
  2. Click add to define a profile attribute search.

  3. The field selection drop down menu will display the column headings (fields) you've defined in your list, select your field.

  4. Next, choose the condition you would like to apply to this search. 

  5. You will also be prompted to define the value you would like to search for. If you'd like to search for multiple values you can separate them using semicolons.

  6. Once you've completed the first profile query, you can choose to add an additional one or remove the one you've just created.
  1. Choose whether you would like to search based on a Specific Set of BehaviorsOverall Behavior Score, or Campaign Behavior Score.

  2. Designate the time frame you would like to the search to be based on.

  3. Use the Add behavior drop-down menu to select a behavior to search on (such as Clicked On MessagesVisited Web Pages, or Opt-Out, etc.).

  4. Once a type of behavior has been selected, define whether you would like people that have performed this action:
    • At Least This Many
    • At Most This Many
    • None of These
    • Some of These
    • All of These

For example, Clicked on Messages > At Least > 2, would return a list of people who have clicked on messages at least two times.

  • If selecting an item like Some of These or All of These you will then have the ability to click on a Choose like that will allow to select specific items related to your behavior!
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