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Defining a Segment


Learn how to set up a segment from a marketing list.

Follow the steps below to define a segment:

  1. Click Contacts, and choose Marketing Lists, or click Other Lists for Form Submissions, or Webinar Lists.
  2. Hover over the list, and click the drop-down arrow.

  3. Click Create a Segment.

  4. Enter a name for the segment. Names of segments must be unique and cannot be duplicated.

  5. Choose a Method to be used to create a segment.
    • Direct Selection – view a list of all contacts located in your list and you can choose which contacts you would like to appear in this particular segment.
    • Query - Define segments based on dynamic search options of a contact's behavior and profile attributes; behavioral searches can be narrowed by timeframe or actions that are based off of the actions taken on a particular message.
    • Search - A blanket search tool that looks across all profile information known about a contact; an example of this would be a search for 'John' may return a contact with the first name of John, the last name of Johnson, someone who works for a Company named John's Industries, or a contact with the e-mail domain of
  6. Click Save.
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