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Checking Your Subscription Management List

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users


When the subscription management feature is enabled and set up in your Act-On account, email recipients will be able to subscribe to specific email categories. This will promote more interaction (opens and clicks) with your emails.

When an Act-On email is sent and recipients click the Act-On opt-out link, they will be sent to the Subscription page. On the Subscription page, they can decide which email categories to subscribe to or to completely opt-out of all emails. Once this is complete, the Subscription Management account list is automatically populated.

To create the list:

  1. Click Contacts > Other Lists > Account Lists
  2. Click Subscription Management
  3. Click Open to view all contacts and prospects who have subscribed to specific email categories

When you create an email and specify a subscription category, Act-On will only send the email to individuals who specifically subscribed to the same category. Act-On will automatically refer to this account list upon that email send.

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