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Creating a Test List


A test list allows you to quickly and easily send emails to yourself, groups of co-workers, or specific individuals for design approval and testing. You can add any recipients here to select while sending a test email.

To create a Test list:

  1. Click on Contacts > click on Other Lists > click on Account Lists.
  2. Hover over Test List and click Edit.
  3. Above the content area click Edit All and the list will become editable. Fill in the first name, last name, email address, and company of anyone who will be involved in creating, reviewing and editing your messages or whose approval is desired prior to sending a message.
  4. After adding all Test list members click Save Changes at the top of the content area.

Segment your test list

You can also create groups (or segments) of a list that you can send test messages to. Common test group segments include 'Legal', 'Branding', 'Compliance', 'Marketing', or small groups of colleagues ('John and Wendy').

To set up a test group segment:

  1. Hover over Test List > click More and select Define Segment.
  2. Create a name for the segment that you can easily recognize when sending test messages, like the examples above.
  3. After defining a name, choose a method for creating your segment. While three options are available, choose the Direct Selection method when creating a Test list group.
  4. After choosing Direct Selection a list of all Test list members will be displayed with check boxes next to their names. Check the box next to each member that you would like to include in the segment.
  5. When you are finished, click Save in the upper right corner of the content area. Your new segment will be displayed below the main Test list.

Repeat this process to create as many segments as needed for all of your test groups.

When creating messages, you can use the Send Test option and choose to send the test message to yourself or any segments you have created from your Test list.

Remove contacts from your Test list

  1. Hover over Test List, and click Edit.
  2. Click Edit All.
  3. Locate the individual contact, and click the Clear link on the far right side of the contact.
  4. Click Save Changes.
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