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Google Analytics vs. Website Prospector Reporting

You may find that Act-On’s website reporting does not always match your data in Google Analytics (or another web analytics platform).

Act-On and Google Analytics calculate pageviews differently because they are designed for different purposes:

Google Analytics shows you a single view of all activity on your website.

  • Google Analytics works best when integrated into your entire website
  • When a user visits pages on your website, their browser uses Javascript to send visit data to Google
  • Google interprets that data, using algorithms that may make assumptions to fill in incomplete data

Act-On's reporting shows you how your website activity relates to your marketing automation campaigns.

  • Act-On’s Beacon Tracker works best when integrated only with the pages that directly relate to your marketing activities in Act-On - see the installation guide for details
  • Like Google Analytics, Act-On’s Beacon Tracker uses Javascript to collect visit data from your visitors’ browsers
  • The Beacon will connect website visit data to your other Act-On tools, such as lead scoring and segmentation, to give you additional insights for digital marketing
  • To ensure that these insights are accurate and useful, Website Prospector reports will not attempt to fill in gaps in website data – doing so requires making assumptions that may falsely associate web activity with your contacts

Note: Act-On’s landing pages use web server log file analysis to track page hits – this is a different method of collecting data, so it may show differences from both Google Analytics and the Website Prospector.

How to Use the Data

Statistics from both systems may not match completely, but this does not mean that the data is inaccurate or not useful. Google Analytics will provide you with the full picture of your website’s usage and activity over time, while Act-On will provide you with the most accurate view of how your Act-On campaigns and content are performing.

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