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Connecting Google Analytics or Coremetrics

Google Analytics and Coremetrics are used to track overall website traffic, and both can be integrated with Act-On via the Connectors page.

By enabling either or both of the web analytics applications, you can track website visitors coming to your website as a direct result of your Act-On email campaigns. Act-On will become a referring source in your Google Analytics or Coremetrics reports and further supplement the data in those reports.

Note: These steps set up campaign tracking only. Adding Google Analytics to a form is a separate process.

To set up a web analytics connector:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Connectors
  2. Click Web Analytics
  3. Choose Google Analytics or Coremetrics
  4. Click on the box to Enable Google Analytics/Coremetrics
  5. Enter the domains tracked by these accounts
    • If you're tracking multiple domains, enter each domain separated by commas
    • Only use basic domains (for example, enter "" only)
  6. Click Save
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