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Setting Up a Facebook Connector


With the Social Publish feature, Act-On can post to your personal Facebook accounts and Facebook pages with the personal account set up as the administrator.

To connect to your Facebook Account(s):

  1. Click on Settings, and choose Connectors.
  2. Click Social.
  3. Click Facebook.
    • Note: Each Facebook user account needs to have a Facebook username configured. Facebook uses the term 'username' to mean the URL where your Facebook page can be accessed (i.e.,
  4. Click Connect Facebook User
  5. Enter your Username and Password.
  6. Click Continue.
    Connect Facebook User
  7. When you go through the process the connector will ask if Act-On can post publicly to your personal page, click Okay.
    Click OK
  8. You will be prompted you to manage your pages you're a admin to and click Okay for that as well.
    Click Okay
    • NOTE: If you don't click OK for both it won't allow you to post to your business pages when you use the Social Publish function within the platform.
  9. Act-On will now attempt to successfully connect to Facebook. Once you have successfully connected navigate to the Social Publish tool (Outbound > Social Publish), you will see not only your personal Facebook page to post on, but all the other business pages you're an admin for.
  10. Repeat this process for any additional Facebook accounts you would like to add.

Use Facebook to Post on Your Business Pages

To allow Facebook to post on behalf of your business page, you will first need to establish you are an admin of the business page you wish to connect to. Since Act-On can't connect directly with your business page, you will be using your personal Facebook credentials to establish the connection.

To check if you are an Admin:

  1. Navigate to your Facebook business page, and click Settings.
    Click Settings
  2. Navigate to PAGE ROLES. Under Page Roles you can see if in fact you're a admin.
    Page Roles
  3. Once you are in Page Roles, you will be able to confirm if you are an admin.

To send a Message from Your Facebook Business Page:

  1. From Act-On, Click on Outbound > Social Publish
  2. Click New
  3. Select the drop-down for Facebook and select the pages you would like to post on. You can choose to post to your personal page, any pages you manage, or all pages. 
  4. Enter your post information and image
  5. When you are finished, either Schedule your post or click Next to post immediately.


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