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Hot Prospects FAQs


These are the most active and engaged leads/contacts based on scoring rules defined in Act-On. The top 20 records with the highest lead score over the selected period of time will be displayed.

Below you will find some frequently asked questions related to Hot Prospects.

Note:  At this time, Hot Prospects can only be used in conjunction with a CRM integration to Act-On.

How do we set up Hot Prospects?

We recommend that you define the criteria through reports, so that when the Hot Prospects page is loaded, it does not parse through every record in the All Leads or All Contacts list. You can choose to include leads, opportunities and contacts in your report.

  • Create reports in CRM containing Sales User’s Owner ID.
  • Import reports as lists in Act-On and schedule them.
  • Assign reports as your Prospects Assigned to Sales and Prospects in Active Opportunities under Contacts > Account Lists.
  • Set Scoring Rules based on engagement.
  • Check CRM for Hot Prospects once contacts are engaged!

Note: Records must have a lead score higher than 1, more recent than 90 days, and scoring rules must be defined.

Hot Prospects can be viewed from all integrated CRM’s through a tab, with the exception of Sugar which shows Hot Prospects in a dashlet which can be added on the home page for example.  For information on where to find the Hot Prospects in your CRM, check out the CRM Integration section of the Knowledge Base and look up the integration guide for your CRM. 

Hot Prospects are calculated by Clicks, Website Visits, Media Downloads, event Registrations as well as any behavior based scoring rules defined in Scoring Rules.

Note: Sugar CRM is the exception as it works off its own dashlet where you can choose how Hot Prospects are calculated. SugarCRM is the only CRM platform that allows granular settings such as including email Sends and Opens. You can also choose to not include Leads/Opportunities or Contacts, whereas these will be shown in other CRM’s.

Hot Prospects will only show the top 20 records in all CRM’s (In Sugar, you can define to show less if you like). If this does not work and you would like to see all records, you can set up list views in all CRMs to show this data. You can filter on a more granular level and choose list views that represent only the logged in users hot prospects, or hot prospects for every sales user.

  • If a Sales Prospect List is specified, the Lead/Contact should be in the list you are using and assigned to a Sales User.
  • For Salesforce, there should be an OwnerId column in the Sales list if a Sales list is specified.
  • For a Hot Prospect to be visible, they must have a Sales Owner.
  • Sugar uses the ‘Assigned To’ Field for Hot Prospects.
  • Only the top 20 Hot Prospects will appear.
  • Act-On email addresses will be excluded from populating in Hot Prospects.
  • Lead/Contact has no lead score.
  • Lead/Contact is not in list.
  • Salesforce ID/Owner ID missing if using Salesforce.
  • Scoring Rules are not set up.
  • Leads/Contacts are not assigned to a Sales User in your CRM.
  • Your Lead/Contact does not have an email address.
  • You are not using Lead/Contact record type.
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