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Associate your CRM's Sales Owner email address for personalized from


Act-On's list synchronization allows for us to pull in any standard or custom field for supported CRM’s Leads and Contacts.

We highly recommend that you pull in the field that identifies the Owner of the lead and contact record. In many cases, your CRM may not contain a field that identifies the Lead/Contact Owner email address to utilize Act-On’s Personalized From feature to send emails on behalf of your Sales users. You could work with your CRM’s administrator to create this field on the lead/contact record or you can use Act-On List Maintenance programs to do the work for you.

Note: This is for non-Salesforce CRM integrated customers only.

Segment Your List

The first step is to segment your list to identify all of the records that belong to each specific owner.

  1. Click Contacts, and choose Marketing Lists.
  2. Hover over the list, and click the drop-down arrow.
  3. Click Create a Segment.
  4. Enter a name for the segment. (for example, name it the same name as your Sales Rep’s name) Note: Names of segments must be unique and cannot be duplicated.
  5. Use Query to create a profile segment where the Sales Owner field called “Assigned To” in SugarCRM equals the Sales Rep name.
  6. Save that segment and create new segments for each Sales Rep

Now you will need to add a new column to your list to input the Sales Owner email.

  1. Click Contacts, and select Marketing Lists.
  2. Click on the Green Arrow on the right and select Maintenance > Change List Columns.
  3. Click Add Column, and enter a title for the column (for example, Owner Email) and click Submit.
  4. Click Save.

The last step is to set up a list maintenance to populate the newly added column for Owner Email.

  1. Click Contacts, and select Marketing Lists.
  2. Click on the Green Arrow on the right and select Maintenance > Set up Maintenance Program.
  3. Enter a Title for this program and description.
  4. Click Add Step Change Field Value.
  5. Name your Step.
  6. Choose the option “Is in Segment” and then Select to choose your first Sales Rep Segment.
  7. Then select the Field to update: Owner Email
  8. Set Value to enter the Sales rep email address
  9. Click Done
  10. Click Save
  11. You will want to put this program on a schedule to automatically add that email address each time the program runs. Click on the link “only when clicking the Now button” to set your frequency.
  12. Click Save
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