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SugarCRM 5.x Integration User Guide


This article describes the setup and use of Act-On's SugarCRM integration. The Act-On integration with SugarCRM functions with all versions of SugarCRM 5.5.0 or higher.


Act-On's integration with SugarCRM allows you to share lead and contact information between your SugarCRM and Act-On databases. The integration allows SugarCRM users to see lead scores based on prospect behavior with Act-On marketing materials (e.g. emails, web forms, landing pages and your company website). 

A bidirectional relationship with SugarCRM allows you as the marketing user to push and then pull data between the two systems synchronizing the two databases. When using the SugarCRM integration you may use not only the SugarCRM standard fields for marketing and segmentation but all custom fields associated with leads and contacts as well.

When importing from SugarCRM you can pull your full list of leads or contacts into Act-On. Importing leads or contacts will create a list within Act-On that contains all of the individuals associated with that group. You can then send email campaigns to them, segment and manipulate the data, or add newly qualified leads to the list for creation in your SugarCRM account.


The first step toward using the SugarCRM integration is to connect your Act-On account with your SugarCRM account. To do this, you will need a SugarCRM account (including username, password and Sugar CRM URL) that has administrative privileges. Once this information has been gathered and the appropriate privileges have been verified, log in to your Act-On account.

  • Click on Settings > Connectors > SugarCRM.
  • A prompt will let you know that the SugarCRM connector is not active. Use the Click here to activate link to activate the connector.
  • After clicking the link you will be prompted to enter your SugarCRM username in the first field, your password in the second field and your SugarCRM URL in the last field, then click Login

Standard Field Names

The Standard Field Names page allows you to define a standard set of field names you typically use in your Act-On lists. The set of field names can then be quickly access when creating and editing lists, creating form fields, and other areas in the application where field names can be selected. To define your set of standard field names:

  1. Click on Contacts.
  2. Choose Standard Field Names.
  3. Click Optimize for SugarCRM to pull in all of your custom and standard fields from your SugarCRM Lead and Contact entities into the Field Name.

System Usage – When defining your standard field names, there are a few key fields that the Act-On system will identify. You can map your field names to these key values from the System Usage column on the page. Many of your fields will not have a system usage.

Leads and Contacts

To begin interacting with your SugarCRM database the first step is to import your leads and contacts into Act-On.

  • Click on Contacts > Marketing Lists
  • On the next screen you will see a SugarCRM Import button in the upper right corner of the page. Click Import to display the Import screen to start the process. When the Import screen displays you will have the option to choose to import either contacts or leads from the SugarCRM database. 
  • Click the radio button next to All SugarCRM Leads and click Next in the upper right corner.
  • The next screen asks you to choose the columns (or SugarCRM fields) you would like to import into Act-On. You can add additional fields later if you are unsure about which fields to use in the beginning.
  • Once you have finished selecting the columns you want to pull into Act-On, click Finish.
  • A list with the title 'All SugarCRMLeads' will be created and placed in the default folder under Marketing Lists. Since this is the first time you are importing the list it may take a few minutes to complete. Once the list has finished importing you will see a number at the end of the list row designating how many leads have been imported from SugarCRM.
  • Repeat these steps to import your All SugarCRM contacts into your Act-On account and your SugarCRM database is now available to you from within the marketing platform.

The next step is to set a schedule for synchronizing the two databases, to ensure that Act-On has the most up-to-date information from SugarCRM and to allow Act-On to create leads for your sales team. This is covered in the next section.

Sync Setup

Once your SugarCRM list has been imported, you can then set up options to synchronize the list between Act-On and SugarCRM.

  • Click on Contacts >Marketing Lists.
  • Once on the Marketing Lists main screen, hover over your list and click the drop down arrowImport/Export > SugarCRM Sync Setup from the menu.
  • For the All SugarCRM Leads list and All SugarCRM Contacts list, you can choose to push information to SugarCRM, pull information from SugarCRM, or both:
    • To push records to SugarCRM, click on the checkbox next to Push to SugarCRM. Check Add new records to SugarCRM if you want any new records in this list to be added to SugarCRM as a new lead or contact.
    • Check Update existing records if you want to update any fields for existing leads or contacts in SugarCRM. Note that no fields are selected to update by default.
    • Click on Select Push-Update Fields to choose which fields you give Act-On permission to update in SugarCRM
  • To pull records from SugarCRM, click on the checkbox next to Pull from SugarCRM
  • Check Add new records to the list from SugarCRM if you want any new leads or contacts in SugarCRM to be added into the list in Act-On
  • Check Update existing records if you want the list in Act-On to get any updated information from existing leads or contacts in SugarCRM. Note that all fields are selected to update by default.
  • Click on Select Pull-Update Fields to unselect any fields that you don't want to update in Act-On
  • The Add List Columns section, available for All SugarCRM leads and contacts, allows you to import any additional standard or custom fields you did not choose when initially importing your SugarCRM list. To import additional fields, click on Add List Columns, check the box next to the field names, and click Save. These fields will then be added to your list in Act-On the next time you synchronize with SugarCRM. 
  • The Scheduling section allows you to schedule the frequency with which you would like Act-On to perform the above actions for you. To set a schedule for synchronization, click the Schedule button. Choose the desired frequency (daily, weekly or monthly), and then add appropriate values in the remaining fields. These include the hourly, daily, monthly preferences and start times of the synchronization. Once you've chosen the scheduling preferences, click Save at the top of the window

Once your push/pull options and scheduling preferences have been set, click Save at the bottom of the window. To discard all changes, click Cancel.

Updating the Act-On Lead Score

If you are pushing the lead score back to SugarCRM, we need to update the Score column prior to doing the sync. This can be done with the help of a List Maintenance Program.

  • Hover over the list to be updated and click on the drop-down icon to choose Maintenance > Setup Maintenance Program.
  • Enter a name for the program and then click Add a Step and choose Change Field Value.
  • Enter a step name, choose Score as the update field, and then choose to Set it the value to the Behavioral Score.
  • Click done and then click on the Only when clicking the Now button link to set up the schedule.
  • Set the schedule to be earlier than the sync you setup. Earlier in this document, the sync was to set to happen at a specific time. To make sure the behavior score update is finished prior to the sync, this schedule should occur prior to that specified time. 
  • Click Save, and then the Listing button to finish.
  • Repeat these steps on any other lists that include the lead score.

The list is now fully set up to sync, and its listing will show the SugarCRM icon in the left, and the gear icon for the maintenance program.

Form and Email Data to SugarCRM

When you create forms in Act-On you have the ability to write the submitted form data directly to SugarCRM. This will be found in Step 2. Settings when you are creating your Act-On form. 

When sending email messages from an Act-On to a SugarCRM marketing list, you also have the ability to add a sent note in the History section of a SugarCRM contact or lead record. This provides SugarCRM users with insight into Act-On emails sent to a contact or lead.

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