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Act-On Software

Registering Act-On with SugarCRM

As of the Winter 2018 release, Sugar requires that external APIs be registered in the ‘Platform’ field of each Sugar instance in order to integrate. This is a prerequisite for customers to upgrade to Sugar's V11 API Endpoint for retrieving records, which may resolve issues with timeouts related to syncing tagged records.

This article describes the process for registering the Act-On platform in Sugar, you can find more information about the platform requirement here.


  • Active SugarCRM instance
  • SugarCRM URL
  • SugarCRM administrator privileges
  • SugarCRM username
  • SugarCRM password
  • SugarCRM Platform Package Zip File - DOWNLOAD NOW


  1. Navigate to SugarCRM and log in with your Administrator credentials
  2. Select the Administration option from the dropdown menu in the top left corner of your screen
  3. Navigate to Developer Tools and select the Module Loader
  4. In the Module Loader, click on Choose File or Browse to select a file:
  5. Select the act-on-custom-platform-1.0 file in the finder and click Upload

    Note: Macs may unzip the file. In order to load the file within SugarCRM, you may need to re-compress the file prior to uploading.

  6. Locate the Act-On Custom Platform Registration package below the Module upload tool and select Install and Commit
  7. Verify that the Act-On Custom Platform Registration package has been successfuly installed in the Module Loader
  8. Navigate back to the Administration page and click on Configure API Platforms in the Developer Tools section and confirm that ‘act-on’ has been added to the API Platforms list
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