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Importing Salesforce Reports and Campaigns


The Act-On integration with Salesforce allows you to import your Salesforce reports and campaigns as lists to use in Act-On, allowing you to market directly to your CRM contacts and leads. In addition, you can synchronize these lists between Salesforce and Act-On to ensure accuracy in your database.

Import your Salesforce lists

  1. Click on Contacts, and choose Marketing Lists
  2. Click Import, and select any of the available marketing lists
  3. Select the fields that you wish to import
  4. Click Finish
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for every Salesforce report or campaign you wish to import

Please note:

  • For reports to import correctly, they must include the Lead/Contact ID field
  • Act-On supports only the Campaign default fields.
    • Campaign custom fields will not sync with Act-On, even though they are visible within the Act-On interface.
    • A paid Professional Services engagement is required to enable this service.

Schedule the sync

  1. Hover over any of the Salesforce lists, and click the drop-down arrow.
  2. Click Import/Export, and choose Sync Setup.
  3. Select the options to push (Add and/or Update) and pull (Add and/or Update).
    • Remember to select the lead score field that you've created in Salesforce to ensure Act-On pushes this data to Salesforce
  4. Click Run Now to run immediately, or Schedule to schedule the synchronization.

The Salesforce Sync setup allows you to schedule the frequency with which you would like Act-On to either send and/or receive data to and from Salesforce or to run a sync immediately once the data parameters are set. 

Note: Most accounts have a limit of 10 scheduled exports. To increase this limit, speak to your Account Manager.

Data exchange options

  • Push to Salesforce:
    • Add new Act-On records to Salesforce 
    • Update existing records in Salesforce (Determine which fields will be updated)
  • Pull from Salesforce:
    • Add new records to the Act-On list from Salesforce
    • Update existing records in Act-On (Determine which fields you want to update in Act-On)
    • Remove records from this list that are not found on this list in Salesforce. (Removes records from Act-On if they've been deleted in Salesforce and it will remove the Lead if the Lead has been converted into a Contact).
  • Set a recurring schedule or Run Now for Act-On and Salesforce data sync:
    • Click the Schedule button to set up
    • Select the frequency in which you would like to sync Act-On and Salesforce data – daily, weekly monthly, turn off
    • Enter the run time in hours (as often as every four hours)
    • Enter the start time you would like the job to run
      • Click Run Now if you would like the data sync to take place immediately
      • Click Save
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