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About the 'Salesforce Connector Requires Attention' Message

AUDIENCE: Administrators
OBJECTIVES: Learn why you may receive the 'Salesforce Connector Requires Attention' email from Act-On

The content in the 'Salesforce Connector Requires Attention' email sent by Act-On is verbiage that comes directly from Salesforce.

Act-On relays the error message to its users whenever there is a failed API call attempt so that they can check the connection. In addition to the reasons listed in the automated email there may also be several other causes, including:

  • Salesforce maintenance
  • Your Salesforce account has reached the 24-hour API call limit
  • Salesforce instance issue (can check here)

Salesforce usually performs general maintenance activities over the weekend which is why you are more likely to see this email during that time. Act-On continues to complete any pending jobs during that time so that when maintenance is complete we are able to run all pending jobs and no action is required on the part of the user.

Also, if you have several installed packages that utilize APIs, you can check the number of API requests sent in the last 24 hours in your Salesforce account by clicking Your Name > Setup > Company Profile > Company Information. Look for the API Requests, Last 24 Hours field in the right-hand column.

There may be other circumstances in which the connector may not connect successfully to Salesforce; however, the reasons listed in the email along with the three causes above are the primary reasons. Temporary failures not involving password or security token changes do not require action from the user. The connection will be reestablished the next time an API call is made and Act-On will complete the pending jobs.

Note: Any Act-On forms that were set to push to Salesforce prior to disconnecting the connector (and were not disabled prior to disconnection) will continue to push to the CRM, and you will receive the 'Salesforce Connector' email notice. If you navigate to Content > Forms, you will not see the Salesforce icon next to the form, nor will you have the option to disable the Signups to Salesforce feature. In order to remedy this, reconnect the Salesforce connector and disable all of the forms from pushing to Salesforce. This can also occur from scheduled list syncs (Marketing lists, Signup lists, Webinar lists, Opt-Out lists and Hard Bounces lists) that were set to sync with Salesforce prior to disconnecting the connector (and were not disabled prior to disconnection).

If you encounter technical issues, submit a case to Act-On support.


For additional information from Salesforce that may be helpful in better understanding API call limits and monitoring, click here.

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