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Granting Login Access to Your Site Administrator

AUDIENCE:  Administrators, Marketing Users
OBJECTIVES: Learn how to grant your Salesforce administrator privileges to log in under your Salesforce logi

In the Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer editions of Salesforce, users can grant login access to their system administrators to assist with resolving issues.

A user can grant login access to their administrator by following these steps:

  • Click Setup > Personal Setup > My Personal Information > Grant Login Access.
  • Input an Access Expiration Date in the Grant Login Access to Your Administrator section.

For an administrator to log in as a user:

  • Click on Setup > Administration Setup > Manage Users > Users.
  • Find the user in the list. If the user has been granted access, you will see a Login link next to the Edit link. Use this Login link to log in to a user's account.
  • To log out, use the Logout link in the top right to return to your own view.
Note: When logged in as the user, you will see a message in red across the top of your screen that states: 'You are currently logged in as <user name>' to remind you that you are using another user's instance.
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