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Pushing Data About Act-On Messages to Salesforce

AUDIENCE: AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

Identify necessary setup items prior to pushing data to Salesforce and learn to push data collected in Act-On into the associated list(s) in Salesforce.

Before proceeding, ensure that you are set up to do the following in your Act-On account:

  • Set up the Salesforce connector
  • Import a Salesforce list

You can push Act-On-collected information back into the corresponding Salesforce source lists. Sent Message reports and Salesforce Activity History notes associated with a lead or contact record will be updated after the sync.

To push Act-On data to Salesforce:

  • Click on Contacts, and choose Marketing Lists.
  • Hover over the Marketing list that you want to push to Salesforce, and click the drop down arrow.
  • Click Import/Export > Push to
  • Enable the checkbox to Push to Salesforce.
  • Enable the checkbox to Add new records and/or Update existing records.
  • Enable the checkbox to Push to a Salesforce Campaign (if necessary).
  • Click Run Now to run a one-time sync, or Schedule to schedule an automated sync.
  • A list created from the saved results of a Salesforce report cannot be pushed back to Salesforce.
  • The Act-On data is pushed to the Salesforce list from which the Act-On list was first imported.
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