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Potential Act-On/Salesforce Installation Issues

When setting up the Salesforce connector and attempting to install the package, your browser pop-up blocker may make the process a bit confusing. When you successfully enter your username, password, and security token, a Salesforce login page pop-up window will attempt to display.

This can sometimes get caught by your browser's pop-up blocker.

To fix the situation:

  • Allow pop-ups from using your pop-up blocker preferences.
  • Once this is complete, go back to the Salesforce connector set-up in Act-On and re-confirm your login. Act-On will recognize that the package is still not installed and prompt you to do it again.
  • Log in to Salesforce and follow the steps to install the package.
  • Return to Act-On and click the Finish button to complete the set-up.
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