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How to Upgrade your Salesforce Package

Instructions for how and when to update the Act-On package for Salesforce for existing integrations.

What you’ll need to get started:

  • Salesforce edition: Enterprise, Professional, or Unlimited
  • Salesforce administrator login credentials
  • Salesforce security token
  • Salesforce Install Package


Note: This is only for users needing to update their Salesforce package to the newest version. If you have yet to install the Salesforce Package, please see our Salesforce Integration Guide.

Step 1: Check if an Upgrade is Available

To check if your package is current:

  1. From Act-On, go to Settings > Connectors > Salesforce
  2. A message will reflect whether you are up to date or if you are using a previous version.
    • If you are seeing the message that you are up to date, no further action is neededSalesforce is Up to Date
    • If you are seeing the message that an upgrade is needed, proceed to Step 2Salesforce Needs Upgrade or Install


Step 2: Check Your Installed Package Version

To check the currently installed package version :

  • From Salesforce, Go to Setup > Build (or Quick Find) > Installed Packages

Current package: Act-On Info 1.78 (via Release 36.36 July 17 2018)

Previous packages:


Note: For a period we offered separate Act-On packages for Professional vs Enterprise & Ultimate editions. This was due to compatibility issues which have been resolved. We have now moved back to using a single package version with ActOnInfo as the package for all Salesforce editions.


Step 3: Uninstall Previous Package


  1. From Salesforce, in Classic mode, go to Setup > Build (or Quick Find) > Installed Packages
  2. Find the Acton 2.0 package and click "Uninstall"
  3. Scroll down, and check the box to confirm removal
  4. Click "Uninstall"
    1. From here you will more than likely receive a message stating "Unable to uninstall package" followed by a list of components that need to be removed:                                                                                                                                      Uninstall Components
    2. Open a new page in Salesforce and remove all components based on the information provided in this list (ie from Lead and Contact layouts)
      1. If you're unsure where each component needs to be removed, you can see this under the "Problem" column on this page. You can also click on the component name and then click on "Where is this used?" to determine where each component must be removed from your layouts.
    3. Once the components are all removed, go back to your Installed Packages and attempt to Uninstall again
    4. Once the package is removed, the Salesforce Administrator will receive an email notification

You are now ready to install the most current Act-On package for Salesforce.


Step 4: Install the Current Package

  1. Log into Salesforce as an Administrator
  2. Log into Act-On as a marketing or Admin user
  3. Go to Settings > Connectors > Salesforce
    • You should already be connected. If you are not connected, log in now using administrative privileges and your security token (see also Salesforce Integration Guide for more information)
  4. Click on the button "+ Install package"Salesforce Needs Upgrade or Install
  5. Click "OK" on the pop-up message confirming you have your remote site settings completed
    • This is typically done with your first implementation and does not need to be processed again (see our Salesforce Integration Guide for more information on Remote Site settings)Confirm Salesforce Package Installation
    • You will then get a pop-up window that connects to Salesforce
      • If your browser is not accepting pop-up windows, you may bypass the setting and recieve the pop-up by holding down the "CTRL" key while you left click on the "OK" button
  6. When installing, select the following:
    • Install for All Users
    • Check the acknowledgement to accept the package from a Non-Salesforce Application that is not part of the AppExchange.Install Salesforce Package
  7. Click "Install"
  8. Once the installation is complete, click "Done"Salesforce Package Installation Complete
  9. (Optional) If you had to uninstall Acton 2.0 prior to updating, you may now replace your Act-On components in your Salesforce layouts (ie buttons activity history). See our Salesforce Integration Guide for more instructions on customizing your CRM with Act-On components.

Your Salesforce Connector page will now reflect that you have the most current package installed.


Salesforce Package Up to Date

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