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Syncing Hard Bounces with Salesforce

AUDIENCE:  Administrators, Marketing Users, Customer Success Teams

OBJECTIVE:  Sync your Hard Bounces list with the correlating lead or contact record in Salesforce

When an email address is added to your Hard Bounces list in Act-On, you can update the correlating lead or contact record in Salesforce by following these steps:
  • Click on Contacts > Other Lists > Bounces & Opt-Outs.
  • Hover over the Hard Bounces list and choose Push to Salesforce.
  • Click on Select Hard Bounce Field.
  • Enter the name of the field in Salesforce that you use to track bounced email addresses. 
  • If you use a custom field, rather than the default EmailBouncedReason field, make sure you use the same name when creating this field for leads and contacts.
  • You can type the field name directly or click the icon to the right to select a field from your list of standard field names. Note: If you don't see your custom field name in the list, you can go to the Standard Field Names page and click the Optimize button at the top to copy the field name from Salesforce.
  • In the next box, type the value you want to add to the field for contacts who have hard-bounced email addresses. If you are updating a checkbox field, this will be a '1'. If this is a text field, just add the value you want to display.
  • Click Save.
  • In the Push to Salesforce window, schedule a time for the update to occur on a regular basis. You can schedule this process to run as often as every four hours. You can also click Run Now to synchronize with Salesforce immediately.
  • Click Save.
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