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Syncing Opt-outs with a Salesforce Account

AUDIENCE:   Administrators, Marketing Users
OBJECTIVES:  Learn how to synchronize your Act-On Opt-out list with Salesforce

Your Act-On Opt-out list can be synchronized with Salesforce as often as every four hours. Act-On refers to the Email Opt-out checkbox field in your Salesforce Contacts or Leads table. This field must be enabled in Salesforce before you can take advantage of this feature.

Follow the steps below to synchronize your Act-On Opt-Out list with Salesforce.

  1. Go to Settings > CRM Administration
  2. In the upper right hand corner, select the pull/push options for opt outs:
    • Pull Opt In/Out from Salesforce - will pull in any records in Salesforce where the default Email Opt Out field is checked and add them to the Act-On opt out list. If the email opt out field in Salesforce is unchecked by a user, the record will not automatically be removed from the Act-On Opt Out list.The record still needs to be removed from the Act-On opt out list.
    • Push Opt In/Out to Salesforce - will update the default Email Opt out field to checked if they are on the Opt Out list or unchecked if they were previously opted out but have opted back in within Act-On.
  3. Click the Synchronize Now button or set the Recurring Synchronization frequency, the sync can be scheduled as often as every four hours.
  4. Click Update

The entire Act-On Opt-out list is pushed to your Salesforce account. Only contacts or leads with a checked Opt-out Email checkbox in your Salesforce account are pulled to the Opt-outs list in your Act-On account.

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