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Editing Fields on a Salesforce List in Act-On

AUDIENCE:  Administrators, Marketing Users
OBJECTIVES: Learn how to add newly-created Lead/Contact fields in Salesforce to Act-O

When new fields are created in Salesforce and added to Lead and Contact layouts, there are two main considerations in Act-On: Salesforce campaigns and your All Salesforce Leads and Contacts lists.

Salesforce campaigns imported into Act-On will automatically import new fields from Salesforce if they are set to sync automatically. You can also use the Run Now feature to manually synchronize the list with Salesforce. For lists that include all leads and all contacts, the fields must be added manually at first.

Follow the steps below to import new Salesforce fields into the All Salesforce Leads and Contacts lists in Act-On:

  • Click on Contacts, and click Marketing Lists.
  • Hover over the All Salesforce Leads/Contacts Lists, and click the drop down arrow.
  • Click Import/Export then Sync Setup.
  • Click Add List Columns.
  • Add new columns to your list.
  • Click Run Now to sync immediately. Note: If you choose not to run the sync immediately, the next scheduled sync will import the new field from Salesforce.

If you do not see a field in the Add List Column area that you believe should be there, click on Contacts > Standard Field Names, click the Optimize for Salesforcebutton, and click Save at the bottom of the screen to make sure all fields are imported from Salesforce.

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