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Personalizing Emails Using Salesforce Lead/Contact Owner Information

AUDIENCE:  Administrators, Marketing Users

  • Send an email to appear as though it is coming from the Salesforce lead/contact owner
  • Discover which personalization tags can be used from the owner's Salesforce profile for email signatures
  • Insert Salesforce owner personalization fields within the Act-On email composer
To set up a message that appears to come from a Salesforce record owner, the message must be sent to a list pulled directly from Salesforce and must contain the Owner ID field.

Examples of this include a Salesforce Campaign, All Leads, or Contacts list. You will want to use variables that Salesforce will recognize in areas like the message signature. If you will be personalizing email blasts to send to a Salesforce report, see the article Creating a Salesforce Report Accessible by Act-On.

These personalization fields will pull from user profiles within Salesforce. These can be accessed by the Salesforce user in Salesforce by going to Setup and choosing My Personal Information. The personalization fields that will pull directly from Salesforce include the following:


Note: This personalization only works if:

  • You are sending to a list that syncs with Salesforce
  • Your list is set up to include these fields

Confirm that your list has these fields in it before proceeding.

Use Salesforce Owner fields in the email composer

  1. Edit a current message, or create a new message
  2. Hover over the Rich Text Block, and click Edit
  3. Click the Insert Personalization Field icon
  4. Click the Sender tab
  5. Click the drop-down to choose from the Salesforce Owner fields
  6. Click Insert
  7. Change the from address of your message to Salesforce Owner
  8. Save your draft
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