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Act-On Software

Sending Act-On Emails to Salesforce Reports

AUDIENCE:  Administrators
OBJECTIVES: Allow Salesforce users to send Act-On email messages to Salesforce report


After installing the Act-On package for Salesforce, you can provide Salesforce users the ability to send Act-On email messages to Salesforce reports. Follow the steps below to set up this functionality within Salesforce:
  • Log in to Salesforce as an administrator, and click Setup.
  • Click Customize on the left.
  • Click Home.
  • Click Home Page Components.
  • Create a new custom component. We recommend calling it “Act-On”.
  • Next, edit the Act-On component and you will see a new custom link: “Send_Act_On_Email_to_Reports”.
  • Add a custom Act-On link.
  • Go to Home Page Layouts and edit the home page.
  • Click on the checkbox for customer links under the Narrow Components to Show section.
  • Save the page layout.

This will enable the custom link on the page layout to send Act-On email to reports. Once selected, you will be able to create a new message, select a template or a previously-sent message to a Salesforce report.


When creating Salesforce reports, sales users need to make sure their reports contain:

  •  Lead ID or Contact ID
  • Owner ID (if their signatures use variables)