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Matching the Number of Leads in a Salesforce Report and Corresponding Act-On List

AUDIENCE:  Administrator, Marketing Users
OBJECTIVES: Learn how to match the number of records in your Salesforce leads report with your Act-On list


When creating a Salesforce report of all your leads, you will need to remove leads that have been converted to contacts'. Act-On does not import converted leads. This will ensure that the Salesforce report matches with the All Salesforce Leads list in your Act-On Marketing List page.

Follow the steps below to run a report in Salesforce that demonstrates the number of leads one should expect to appear in the All Salesforce Leads list:

  • Navigate to the Reports tab in Salesforce.
  • Click New Report.
  • Select report type Leads > Leads.
  • Click Create.
  • Add a filter for 'Converted' equals false, click OK to save the filter.
  • Set the Show fields to All Leads.
  • Set the Range field to All Time.
  • Click Run Report.
  • You can also save the report for future reference by clicking Save As and adding it to one of the report folders.
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