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Creating a Salesforce Report Accessible by Act-On


When creating a Salesforce report that is compatible with Act-On be sure to include the standard Salesforce field titles: Lead ID or Contact ID. In cases where your report includes both leads and contacts you may see a Lead/Contact ID field.

The report must also include First Name, Last Name, Company/Account, Email Address and at least one record. Without these fields your report will fail to import into Act-On. 

If you would like to use the Salesforce owner to personalize the emails, a custom field will need to be created and included in the report. See Salesforce's guide to creating an 18-Digit Owner ID Field.

Please note:

If you are using Salesforce Lightning, you are unable to push reports from Lightning to Act-On. This is available in Classic, so switch your view to Classic in order to push reports.

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