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Creating an 18-Digit Owner ID Field

AUDIENCE:  Salesforce Administrators

Determining owner information within a Salesforce report requires specific considerations. In order for Act-On to personalize email messages sent to a report, or to identify assigned leads and contacts for Website Visitors report filtering, a specific owner ID must be created that allows Act-On to pull the proper information from the Salesforce profiles.

To create this field, follow the instructions below and be sure to include the field in your reports moving forward.

  1. Go to the SetUp area of your Salesforce account, click Customize on the left, and choose Leads.
  2. Click Fields. You will see all of your lead fields in the main content area of your screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where Salesforce displays your existing custom fields (if any) and allows you to create custom fields.
  3. Click New next to the bold heading Lead Custom Fields & Relationships to begin creating a new field.
  4. Select Formula as the data type for this field and click Next.
  5. For the field label, type Owner IDThis must be the exact field name, as Act-On will look for this field when the report is created. Select Text for the formula return type and click Next.
  6. You will now be presented with an area to create a formula. Inside of the Advanced Formula area, copy and paste the text "CASESAFEID(OwnerId)" Once completed, click the Check Syntax button at the bottom of the text area to ensure that you've copied and pasted correctly.
  7. Repeat this setup for contacts.
  8. Now as you create your reports, be sure to include this Owner ID field, as well as either the Lead ID or Contact ID field. 

AOmegaphonesmall.pngPlease note:
You may see two Owner ID fields here; choose the custom one that you have created that includes the 18-digit ID.


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