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Setting Up the Salesforce Sandbox Connector

AUDIENCE: Administrators, IT Team, Marketing Users
OBJECTIVES: Learn how to connect your Act-On software with a Salesforce sandbox environment

Your Act-On software can be connected to your Salesforce sandbox to allow you to test the integration.

Follow the steps below to set up the connection between Act-On and your Salesforce sandbox account.

  • Contact Act-On Support to enable the integration necessary to connect your Salesforce sandbox environment.
  • Once completed, hover over the Gear icon in the left navigation menu.
  • Click Connectors in the drop-down menu.
  • Click the CRM link.
  • Choose Salesforce.
  • Enter your Salesforce sandbox username, password, and security token.
  • Copy the URL below and paste it in the additional field that requests a URL:
  • Follow the Salesforce Integration Guide to continue setting up the sandbox integration.
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