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Act-On Software

Syncing Assets with Microsoft Dynamics

AUDIENCE:  Administrators, Marketing Users

  • Set up forms to push sign-ups to Microsoft Dynamics
  • Identify how Act-On emails can create a completed task in Microsoft Dynamics for each contact or lead record
In addition to your marketing lists, you can also synchronize your Act-On forms to automatically push sign-ups into Microsoft Dynamics. You'll also be able to see Act-On emails as activity notes for your leads and contacts.

To set your forms to automatically push sign-ups to Microsoft Dynamics, follow these steps:

  • From the Start page, Click on Content, and click Forms.
  • Create a new form or edit an existing form.
  • Click 2. Settings at the top of the page or Next.
  • In the Sign-ups to Microsoft Dynamics section, enable the option to Push Sign-ups.
    • Optionally, set the feature to overwrite existing sign-up data in Microsoft Dynamics. You can also use the corresponding form submission list to identify specific fields that Act-On can overwrite.
    • Enable the feature to add an activity note to the submitter's record in Microsoft Dynamics
    • Forms will use email addresses to update instead of the Microsoft Dynamics ID. If there is a duplicate email address in contacts or leads, the update will be ignored. If you have imported a Microsoft Dynamics marketing list as your sign-up list, new records will go to whichever entity the list draws from.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Save.

Email messages sent from Act-On to a Microsoft Dynamics list can add a note (completed task activity) in the Notes & Activities section of a Microsoft Dynamics contact or lead record, so that Microsoft Dynamics users have insight into Act-On e-mails sent to the contact or lead record.

To ensure that your email campaigns are created as completed task activities in Microsoft Dynamics, follow these steps:

  • Compose, address, and review your email message.
  • In Address step of the email composer, enable the option to Attach 'Sent' Note to CRM Leads/Contacts.