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Syncing Assets with Infor CRM

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

  • CRM automaticallyInforIdentify how your Act-On forms can push signups to
  • Create activity notes in Infor CRM for each contact and lead when sending Act-On emails
When you integrate your Infor CRM account with Act-On, you can integrate other Act-On marketing assets immediately.

For example, you can push all form signups automatically to Infor CRM, and you can create activity notes for all your leads and contacts within Infor CRM.

Follow the steps below to set up your Act-On forms to automatically push to Infor CRM :

  • Click on Content, and click Forms.
  • Create a new form, or edit an existing form.
  • Click 2. Settings or Next.
  • Enable the option to push signup data to Infor CRM.
    • Optionally, set the feature to overwrite existing signup data in Infor CRM. You can also use the corresponding form submission list to identify specific fields that Act-On can overwrite. When updating existing leads and contacts, Act-On will do a 'fill-in-the-gap' update by default (i.e., only empty columns will be updated in Infor CRM). Choose Overwrite existing signup data if you want all data submitted in the form to overwrite any existing data in these fields in Infor CRM. If you would only like to overwrite specific fields in Infor CRM, check the Use Signup List's Push Settings option. This will look at the push-update fields you have in place for the list assigned in Step 3 of your form. 
    • Enable the feature to add an activity note to the submitter's record in Infor CRM.
    • Forms will use email addresses to update lead and contact records. If there is a duplicate email address in contacts or leads, the update will be ignored. If you have imported a Infor CRM marketing list as your signup list, net new records will go to whichever entity the list draws from.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Save.

When sending email messages from Act-On to a Infor CRM marketing list, you also have the ability to add a sent note in the history section of a Infor CRM contact or lead record. This provides Infor CRM users with insight into the Act-On e-mails that have been sent to the contact or lead record. To do this:

  • Compose, address, and review your email.
  • In Step 4. Send of the message builder, enable the option to Attach sent notes to contacts or leads in my Infor CRM lists.



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