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Infor CRM Integration Guide

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users


Act-On's integration with Infor CRM allows you to share lead and contact information between your Infor CRM and Act-On databases.

Before connecting:​​​​​​

  • Gather the Infor CRM account information (login, password, and login URL) for a user with administrative privileges in Infor CRM.
  • Check your CRM version. Act-On currently supports the On-premise (with SDATA enabled) and Cloud versions 7.5.4 and 8.
  • Contact your Act-On Customer Success Manager to enable the Infor CRM feature for your account.


Prior to connecting your Infor CRM account to Act-On, you'll need the following:

  • Infor CRM on-premise (with SDATA enabled) and cloud versions 7.5.4 and 8
  • Infor CRM administrator privileges
  • Infor CRM username
  • Infor CRM password
  • Infor CRM URL - Example:

Once you have the necessary information listed above, follow the steps below to set up your connector:

  1. Click on Settings, and choose Connectors.
  2. Click the Infor CRM logo, or click CRM > Infor CRM.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Enter your Infor CRM login credentials.
  5. Click Login.


If you need to update your connector information or disconnect from Infor CRM, use one of the options below:

  • Click Reconfirm Login after making changes to your Infor CRM login or password to ensure that there are no disruptions to the synchronization of data between the two systems
  • Click Reset Connector if you would like to completely disconnect Infor CRM from your Act-On account

To begin interacting with your Infor CRM database, the first step is to import your leads and contacts into Act-On.

  1. Click on the Contacts > Marketing Lists.
  2. Click on the Infor CRM Import button in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. In the Import window, select All Infor CRM Leads. This will create a list in Act-On containing all of your leads in Infor CRM.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Choose any standard or custom lead fields that you would like to include in your Act-On list, for list segmentation and message personalization. The Email, First Name and Last Name fields will always be imported. You may also choose to import additional fields later after the list has been imported.
  6. Click Finish.

This new list will appear at the top of your Default folder in the Marketing Lists listing. Depending on the size of your database, it may take a few minutes for the initial import to complete.

Once your list has finished importing, you will see a number at the end of the list row designating how many leads were imported from Infor CRM.

Repeat these steps to import all of your Infor CRM contacts into Act-On. Once imported, these two lists are treated like any other Act-On lists for list management and sending email campaigns.

Once your Infor CRM list has been imported, you can then set up options to synchronize the list between Act-On and Infor CRM:

  • Click on the Contacts > Marketing Lists.
  • Click on your All Infor CRM Leads list or All Infor CRM Contacts list to display the menu and select Import/Export > Infor CRM Sync Setup.
  • In the Sync window, you can choose to push information to Infor CRM, pull information from Infor CRM, or both.

To push records to Infor CRM, click on the checkbox next to Push to Infor CRM.

  • Check Add new records to Infor CRM if you want any new records in this list to be created in Infor CRM as a lead. 
    • Note: New records that are pushed to Infor CRM will be pushed as leads, even if they were placed in the All Infor CRM Contacts list in Act-On.
  • Check Update Existing Records if you want to update any fields for existing leads or contacts in Infor CRM.
    Note that no fields are selected to update by default.
  • Click on Select Push-Update Fields to choose which fields you give Act-On permission to update in Infor CRM.

To pull records from Infor CRM, click on the checkbox next to Pull from Infor CRM.

  • Check Add new records to the list from Infor CRM if you want to pull in any new leads or contacts that were added in Infor CRM since the last time you synched.
  • Check Update existing records if you want the list in Act-On to get updated information from existing leads or contacts in Infor CRM.
    Note that all fields are selected to update by default.
  • Click on Select Pull-Update Fields to unselect any fields that you don't want updated in Act-On.

The Add List Columns section allows you to import any additional standard or custom lead or contact fields you did not choose when initially importing your Infor CRM list. To import additional fields:

  1. Click on Add List Columns.
  2. Check the box next to the desired field names.
  3. Click Save. These fields will then be added to your list in Act-On the next time you synchronize with Infor CRM.

The Scheduling section allows you to schedule the frequency with which you would like Act-On to perform the above actions for you.

  1. To set a schedule for the synchronization, click the Schedule button.
  2. Choose the desired frequency of daily, weekly or monthly, and then add appropriate values in the remaining fields. The remaining fields include the hourly, daily, monthly preferences and start times of the synchronization.
  3. Once you've chosen the scheduling preferences, click Save at the top of the window.
  4. Once your push/pull options and scheduling preferences have been set, click Save at the bottom of the window. To discard all changes, click Cancel. 
Note: Up to 10 lists can be be scheduled at any time to automatically sync with Infor CRM. In addition to scheduling the synchronization, you may also click the Run Now button to perform a manual one-time sync at any time.

Pushing Data to Infor CRM from Other Act-On Lists

Depending on your specific marketing campaigns and list organization, you may also want to push qualified leads from a non-Infor CRM list stored in Act-On, or from a segment of that list.

  • Click on the list or segment to display the menu and choose Import/Export > Push to Infor CRM.
  • Choose from the Push options mentioned above, and choose a Scheduling option if you wish this to be a recurring process.

Note: Records cannot be pulled from Infor CRM directly into this list, only pushed from the list into the CRM.

Infor CRM syncs require that Address fields be mapped to system usage in Contacts > Standard Field Names. If Address fields are not mapped here, uploaded lists and form submissions with address information will not push successfully to Infor CRM. To sync Address fields from form submits and uploaded lists with Infor CRM successfully, Address fields must be mapped under Contacts > Standard Field Names.

  • Click Optimize for Infor CRM to pull in the desired Address fields.
  • Map the selected address fields to System Usage for "Contact's Business Street, Country" etc. Save changes to apply mapping for future syncs.
  • For details on Standard Field Names, click here.

Please note: Make sure your list columns are mapped under Standard Field Names, to learn more click here

Submit Form Submission Data to Infor CRM

When you create forms in Act-On, you have the ability to push this submitted form data directly into Infor CRM, creating new leads and updating existing leads and contacts (based on email address match). To enable this for any individual form, see the Forms User Guide.

Note: Act-On uses an email address match to determine whether a new lead should be created, or whether to update an existing lead or contact.

Pushing Message Sent Notes to Infor CRM

When sending email messages from Act-On to a Infor CRM list, you also have the ability to add a note in the Notes/History section of a Infor CRM lead or contact record that states the message was sent. This note will contain a link to a preview of the actual personalized email that the lead or contact received. This allows Infor CRM users insight to the Act-On emails sent.

You will see this option in the Address Tab of the Email Composer, and it is selected by default. You can unselect it for any campaigns you don't wish to have generate an Activity/Note in Infor CRM.

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