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Webinars Overview


Initially, only the WebEx Event Center single session functionality was available through the Act-On platform. The GoToWebinar and WebEx Event Center multi-session were developed simultaneously and are both based on automated programs. They function very similarly.

WebEx Event Center Single Session

  • Enabled by default and cannot be disabled
  • Accessed by clicking the New Webinar button from within the Webinars listing
  • Can be scheduled from within Act-On
  • Can be scheduled from within the WebEx Event Center and configured within Act-On
  • A single session will not show a scroll icon next to it to indicate that it is active in Act-On

Comparison to WebEx Event Center multi-session

WebEx Event Center single session allows for manual approval of registrations:

  • Manual approval is configured and managed from within Act-On
  • Act-On does not send the registration to WebEx until the registration is approved from within Act-On
  • Pending and Rejected registrations will never be pushed to WebEx
  • A WebEx session is scheduled with manual approval on the WebEx side but since the registration is not pushed to WebEx until approved, this is moot
  • Manual approval/rejection is not reversible; a registrant’s approval status cannot be changed once approved or rejected in Act-On
  • Registrations created on the WebEx side will not sync back to Act-On
  • Attendance data needs to be manually pulled after the event by going to Step 4 > Attendance > Import Attendance Data from WebEx
  • No option for multi-session registration

WebEx Event Center Multi-Session

  • Must be enabled by Act-On Support or your Customer Success Manager
  • Can be used for single sessions. This is recommended for users who do not need manual approval.
  • Accessed by clicking the New Multi-Session button from the Webinars listing
  • Must be scheduled in Act-On, and cannot be scheduled directly within WebEx
  • Registrations created on the WebEx side will sync to Act-On
    • Act-On statistics will not be fully accurate because the signup form report will not include data for users who registered on the WebEx side
    • It is recommended to enable the feature in WebEx to make all meetings unlisted. This ensures all registrations flow through Act-On marketing materials.
  • Able to sync registrations created in WebEx
  • Sync schedule is not regular
  • The webinar program is not started by default. It needs to be started for the sync to run and for the reminder/follow-up messages to send.
  • A scroll icon will appear next to the WebEx Event Center multi-session and does not indicate whether the program is running
  • The program running state can only be seen from webinar details

Comparison to WebEx Event Center single session

  • Attendance data automatically populates after the event
  • Registrations created in WebEx will be synced to Act-On
  • Option for multi-session registration
  • Cannot manually approve registrants

Citrix GoToWebinar

The Citrix GoToWebinar connector is built on the same automated program technology as the WebEx Event Center multi-session.

  • Single sessions can be created, but there is no option for multi-session
  • Cannot be scheduled from within Act-On. All sessions must be scheduled in GoToWebinar first.
  • Cannot create signup forms based on an existing form due to limitations in the GoToWebinar API
  • The underlying automated program is automatically started when you add the Act-On program to the webinar. It does not need to be started manually. It can, on the other hand, be stopped which will also stop the auto-sync and follow-up and reminder messages from being sent.
  • The scroll icon appears only after the Act-On program has been added to a webinar created in GoToWebinar. The scroll icon does not indicate the program is running, similarly to WebEx Event Center multi-session.


  • ­­Shared webinar accounts function in such a way that any Act-On user using a specific GoToWebinar or WebEx Event Center account will see and can edit all webinars that exist in the matching webinar account
    • If two Act-On users use the same shared WebEx and GoToWebinar accounts, either user will be able to see and edit the configuration of any of the webinars associated with the account. This is regardless of factors such as which user added the webinar program (for a GoToWebinar event) or created the webinar in Act-On (in the case of a WebEx webinar).
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