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Promoting Multiple WebEx Sessions from One Interface


Promote multiple WebEx sessions from one interface.
Note: This feature will need to be enabled by your Customer Success Manager.

 Follow the steps below to create a new multi-session WebEx event in Act-On:

  1. Select the button titled New Multi-Session in the upper right-hand corner of the Webinar listing.
  2. To add an additional session to an existing event, use the Add Session link in the upper right corner of the Webinar Dashboard. Clicking Add Session will bring you to the webinar scheduling interface that you originally used to schedule your first session.
  3. Your session will be created and all of your event collateral will be copied, with scheduling preferences, for your new session. Both events can be managed from the same dashboard and be promoted together. You may repeat this process as often as desired and continue to add sessions to accommodate your needs. 
  4. All collateral that has been copied into the new session can be edited, rescheduled, or deleted as needed. Trackable signup forms can also be created to promote this additional webinar and monitor views and submissions.
  5. Once all sessions have been scheduled, move to Step 2 of the email composer to define your promotion list and create invitations to drive traffic to your sign-up forms.
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