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Promoting Your Webinars


Identify the various messages associated with your webinar and options for creating messages based on how you would like to promote your webinar.

There are several ways you can promote your webinar:

  • Invitation Message – Except in rare cases (e.g., a webinar for people considering buying your product or service), you will likely want to send an invitation message to your contacts and other lists
  • Last-Chance Message – Shortly before the webinar, you may want to send a 'last-chance message' to people who haven't yet registered for your webinar
  • External Promotion Links – You may want to post a link to the signup form on your website; Act-On calls these 'trackable signup form links'
  • Reminder Message – As your webinar date approaches, you may want to send a reminder message to registrants
  • Follow-up Message – Your registration list will be segmented so you can send the appropriate follow-up messages to the various segments after the webinar takes place

All of these message types can be created directly from the Webinar Dashboard. To do this:

  1. Click on Automation and select Webinars.
  2. On the Upcoming Webinars page, click the name of the webinar you wish to work with and then create the various messages you would like to use.


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