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Develop a Buyer Persona

To understand your typical buyer, you will want to develop a Buyer Persona. This is a process in which you will create a semi-fictional representation of your buyer based on real data from existing customers and market research through channels like surveys.


Your buyer persona should included a short bio of a typical customer and a description of the person, and includes information on the:

  • Buyers Background
  • Daily Activities/Behavior
  • Current Solutions to the Problem
  • What's important to this Buyer

Example Buyer Persona

Facility/Operations Manage - Dave

Personal Background

  • Age: 45-55
  • Personal: Married with 1 child in High School
  • Education: Undergraduate

Role: Facilities or Operations Manager

  • Job measured: Space & operations efficiency, employee productivity
  • Skills required: People management, analysis, industry knowledge
  • Reports to: CEO or General Manager

Company Information

  • Industry: Distribution
  • Revenue: $20M
  • Employees: 100

Goals and Challenges

  • Success means: Raise & promotion
  • Values: Job security, family, recognition
  • Challenges: New systems, managing people

Shopping and Industry News Preferences

  • Preferred communication: Email, phone
  • Industry news: Specific industry publication - trade magazine


Keep in mind:

  • Make sure to make this unique to your business or industry.
  • Work on creating your Buyer Persona with your sales team.
  • Always validate in the market among customers - think surveying existing customer, market research, etc.
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