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Creating a Birthday Segment for an Automated Program


If you are collecting birth date information in your forms, you can easily use this information to engage with your customers on their birthday or anniversary of signing up for your service or using your product. Using an Automated Program and a segment, you can send a birthday/anniversary email to your contacts automatically every year.
  • Make sure to a/b test your birthday messages. Compare things like birthday discounts, free gifts, credit, etc.
  • Use personalization in your subject line.
  • Send reminder emails that offers are about to expire.

To create your birthday segment

  1. Upload your list (make sure the list contains contacts' birthdays).
  2. Click the down arrow to the right of the list, then choose Create a Segment.
  3. Add a segment query for your birth date field.
    Important: Make sure to select the date format that matches the birth date in your list - eg. if your list includes the birth date '22 Apr 1979' you must select 'DD Mon YYYY'
  4. Define your segment criteria where your field name for the date equals date X year with the corresponding format:
    • 0 day = Today’s date (2016)
    • 12 months = 2015
    • 24 months = 2014
    • 36 months = 2013

Add these conditions for any possible year that they would like to capture within the segment. Once this segment is created, you can now create your Automated Program.

Note: If someone wants to send an email 30 days prior to a birthday or anniversary, you will want to use MONTHS instead of years. Example: equals date will be 11 months instead of 1 Year so then the segment will update 30 days before the actual date.

Check your program

  • The source list should be your birthday/anniversary segment you created.
  • You should schedule the source list to run once per day, no less.
  • Make sure to check the Re-Entry option so the following year the contact will enter the program. This is a controlled feature so you must enable the re-entry option for the automated program first.
  • You will not be able to use the segment as an Exit Condition as the contacts will be exiting the program after the date of their birthday/anniversary so they will no longer be in the segment.
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