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Act-On Software

Automated Program Basics and Best Practices

This recorded webinar covers how to set up your automated programs for maximum effectiveness.


Steps to Build a Program

  1. Map the journey
  2. Build the content
  3. Define segments and tracking
  4. Create the emails
  5. Build the AP
  6. Review and improve

Best Practices

Tips covered in the video include:

  • Use a Master List
  • Start every program with a 'Wait' step
  • Create early exit conditions that update your contacts' information or move them between segments
  • Use the 'CRM Task' step to notify and engage your Sales team
  • Add a 365-day wait step at the bottom of a program if you want to keep contacts available for future sends in this program


Questions answered in the video include:

  • How do you set up a program for a monthly newsletter?
  • How do you test an Automated Program?
  • If your Sales reps provide a list, what's the best way to add it to a program?
  • Should I set up a program to early exit suppressed contacts?
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