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Set up the Advanced Social Media module

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

Social media is serious business. Act-On’s Advanced Social Media Module provides you everything you need to produce, manage, nurture, and measure your day-to-day B2B social media activities.

Act-On’s advanced social publishing allows you to create, curate, and schedule your content in advance. Act-On then automatically publishes your content based on your targeted schedule for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. This freedom allows you to better coordinate your social media activities with your other brand, demand, and nurture campaigns.

Step 1. Adding Fields in Act-On

Sign in to Act-On and head over to Contacts → Standard Field Names. Scroll to the bottom, and add the following fields, exactly as they appear below:

Name System Usage
OktoClickTime None
OktoClickNetwork None
OktoClickProfile None
OktoClickCampaign None
OktoClickPostLink None
  • Start the set-up by creating a new CNAME for your domain that will point to
  • Sign in to Oktopost and head over to Integrations → Act-On.
  • Enter your Act-On username and password and Submit the form.
  • Select the default list which your Oktopost lead data will automatically be synced to.
  • Enter the CNAME you're set-up according to the instructions above.
  • Submit the form again to save the configuration.

After the integration is configured, any lead that is captured using Oktopost will be added to the default Act-On list you selected. If the lead already exists in Act-On, Oktopost will add the information to this lead's record. If the lead doesn't exist yet in Act-On, a new record will be created.

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