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Adding Posts to Queues


It's difficult to keep up with scheduling posts on a daily basis, and the Queues feature lets you predefine blocks of time, in advance, during which you'd like your posts to be published.

Once you defined your time blocks, next time you create a new post, just click on the Queue icon, and the Advanced Social Media Module will automatically add the post to your Queue and distribute it. You can set up as many Queues as you'd like for any personal profile or company page in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+.

  1. Click on the Profiles tab. Locate the relevant profile, and click on Queue Settings underneath.
  2. Select your days first. Please note, all days are selected by default; click on a day to unselect it. Choose your time range, followed by the maximum number of posts that can be published.
  3. Click on the Add button.
  4. To delete a Queue, hover over it and click on the "x" to the right.
  1. Click on Campaigns and select one from the list.
  2. Click on the New Post button.
  3. Click on a social network icon, click on one or more social profiles, and compose your message.
  4. Click on the Queue icon below. Based on the maximum number of posts per time period that defined in the Profiles tab, the Advanced Social Media Module will add the post to the next available Queue.
  5. Click on either the Add to Queue or Add to Queue & Close button.


  1. Click on the main Calendar tab (or access a Calendar in a Campaign).
  2. Click on the Filters button, and under the Statuses column, uncheck all options except Queue.
  3. Click on the Apply button below to filter your posts.
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